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TB-2 Tumble Barrel

TB-2 Tumble Barrel
Choose the type of delivery (wet or dry) choose the abrasive and cabinet size and add the cost of the TB-2 option to the model cost for total machine cost. Most TB-2 Tumble Barrel units are added to four foot wide cabinets allowing the offset operator station. The TB-2 is unlike the TB-3 in that it allows a dual-purpose production unit.

Most applications today using directional blasting cabinets require hand-held guns for part processing but there are some parts that process better and faster using batch loads. This is the function of all tumble basket and tumble barrel models.

All Media Blast Tumble Barrels are listed as machine options. While the option can’t be purchased without purchase of a machine model, this does allow the option to be added to any machine model, wet or dry, with and without pneumatic conveyor, for standard to ultra-fine abrasive.

The TB-2 tumble barrel, unlike the TB-1, uses the HD industrial variable speed drive for barrel sizes to 20" diameter and the off-set operator station allows heavier barrel loads and a machine that can also be used for manual processing.

The TB-2 option includes the second abrasive gun, solenoid operated blast control, jog barrel control an additional machine side access door and the controls for the ½ h.p. DC variable speed drive motor assembly complete with timer and safety door interlock.

This unit often includes an upgrade to the standard dust collector allowing additional options like dual filter, automatic reverse pulse cleaning cycle and HEPA filer after filtration for cell operation.

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  • Variable speed drive 0-29 rpm
  • 20 inch diameter barrel
  • 1-1/2 inch diameter rotation shaft with bearings
  • Rotation shaft guard
  • Safety door interlocks
  • Offset manual operator station
  • 2nd boron nozzle 50 cfm blast gun for barrel
  • Solenoid operated barrel gun
  • Fixed gun holder assembly
  • Barrel jog control circuit
  • Solid state timer, plug-in
  • Additional machine side access door for barrel loading
  • ½ h.p. production variable speed DC barrel drive


  • Ambient air dryer
  • Rubber dipped parts barrel
  • Barrel pop-out shield for light parts
  • Side table available with height correct for jog barrel unload into customer supplied tote pans
  • Upgrade to 440 sq.ft. dual dust collector
  • Timed reverse pulse cleaning cycle upgrade on dual cartridge dust collector
  • HEPA after filter for cell operation
  • Maintenance hour meter
  • Timed part blow-off cycle
  • Guarded foot pedal upgrade
  • Visible end cycle indicator light
  • Can be purchased less dust collector for operation using central dust collector

NOTE: Standard Features are included with every model. Available Options can be added at additional cost and may require custom machine work, which may increase machine delivery time.

Technical Information: TB-2 Option
Option Tumble Barrel (can be added to any industrial mode, wet or dry)
Compressed Air Usage TB-2 Option: 56 cfm @ 100 psi (most tumble machines operate at higher pressure because of the distance of the nozzle to the parts)
Suggested Air Compressor:

TB-2 operation requires compressed air in addition to the air usage required by the machine it's being added to. Check line pressure making sure it's 100 psi or higher for proper operation of any TB model. Distance from the nozzle to the part requires higher than maximum impact velocity blasting pressure, and while lower pressure will work, the loss of frictional heat can increase processing time.
Note: The machine operates using the manual gun or TB-2 option separately, never both at the same time. The cfm usage of the machine is based on the manual gun size that may be larger than the optional TB-2 gun.
Air compressors vary greatly, check the cfm output on the compressor being used or visit Air Basics for more information on compressor selection.
Pro Tip: Never buy a compressor using the displacement cfm number, always use the second cfm volume number listed with 90-100 psi inside the tank, because tank pressure reduces performance.

Recommended Abrasive Size: 60 to 150 mesh for internal separator reclaimer, 80 to 240 mesh for pneumatic conveyor operated machines or external separator reclaimer
Most Used Abrasive Type Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide. (Due to distance-to-parts the processing pressure may be higher than maximum impact velocity.)
WARNING: Abrasive Restrictions and Warning
Paint Specification: Environmentally friendly, high-grade polyurethane high gloss paint. Standard colors include MBA beige and high gloss light gray. Custom color matching is available using customer supplied color sample, please call 866-204-7068 for pricing.
TB-2 Option
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48" x 36" x 36"H
Door 30" x31"H
61" x 51" x 90"H Minimum dust collector is 220 sq.ft. cartridge
Most can be upgraded to 440 sq.ft. cartridge
Single power source
Wood crate
1030 lbs