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Dust Collectors and Blast Cabinet Parts

Media Blast offers many dust collectors in a range of sizes to accommodate the 170 different machine models. Most vacuum dust collectors use cloth bags with a lower efficiency, or small cartridge filters with no dust storage capacity. Media Blast offers the largest “quiet” vacuum dust collector with 110 square feet of Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) certified cartridge filter, and we also manufacturer freestanding dust collector models with automatic timed reverse pulse cleaning and up to 1320 square feet of filter collection surface area. These collectors are made for sand blasting applications using vertical filters found to be the most efficient by air pollution control agencies. HEPA after filters are also available for even greater collector efficiency and are commonly used for machine cell operation.
  • Vacuum Dust Collectors

    VAC-110 dust collector
    Smaller abrasive blasting cabinets, light duty models, often use the less expensive shop vacuum to operate and create the negative pressure cabinet pressure required for all dry abrasive blasting cabinets. Media Blast offers two vacuum dust collectors that make a huge difference. Most shop vacuums offer lots of space for lots of trash but they offer only a small filter for the collection of dust. The VAC-110 line of vacuum dust collectors offers 110 sq.ft. of certified cartridge filtration ...


    • 100% welded cabinet construction
    • Machine to dust inlet hose
    • MERV certified 110 square foot filter cartridge
    • Vertical filter cartridge for increased cleaning efficiency
    • Removable blower plenum with latches
  • Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors

    Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors
    Many blasting applications using manually operated directional blasting guns are not capable of operation using a self-contained blasting cabinet that includes an has an attached dust collector. Often the part(s) being processed or the abrasive being used generate an overload on any self-contained machine. It's the responsibility of the user to properly maintain the dust collector but often no cleaning schedule can keep up with the dust load. Media Blast offers two automatic timed / reverse ...


    • 4 and 6 filter models offering 880 or 1320 sq.ft. of filter area
    • Vertical filter cartridge for increased efficiency
    • Two (2) service access doors with locking refrigerator door latches
    • Adjustable timed reverse pulse cleaning cycle controls
    • Manual pulse over-ride controls for static cleaning