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CrystalBlast® MicroBlast Sand Blast Cabinet

CrystalBlast AquaBlast Sand Blast cabinet
Shown with the optional 0.5 cubic foot Media Blast Pressure Generator complete with abrasive loading hopper, pot loading controls and high-pressure low wear pneumatic on-off control valve.

If you already have an abrasive delivery system and would like to ensure clean operation, the MicroBlast by CrystalBlast® has everything you need to hook-up to your pressure pot, siphon delivery or pencil blast generator and finally eliminate that self-made blasting enclosure!

The MicroBlast includes a 700 cfm class III exhaust blower with patented separator reclaimer and exhaust blower silencer, which prevent abrasive escape during operation with one (1) air change per second inside the cabinet. Abrasive can't transfer into the dust collector because the machine is equipped with a patented separator reclaimer that cleans the abrasive keeping it inside the cabinet even at 50 micron. The machine also includes a door that doesn't drop abrasive on the floor when it's opened, a 110 square foot certified cartridge filter, dust collector cleaning cycle that operates while seated using the reverse pulse cleaning assembly, fluorescent lighting located inside the cabinet with dust tight fixture and cover and glass view window with low static protector glass. Additionally, the easy discharge slide gate assembly permits draining of the collected abrasive for pot, siphon or pressure generator re-fills. This feature also allows disposal of the used abrasive, pre-collection, which keeps it from transferring to the dust collector – a benefit for pencil blaster that can't recycle the abrasive.

The MicroBlast is today's technology for clean, efficient and comfortable operation that easily moves into any studio location producing a clean workspace and using your existing abrasive delivery system. If you want it all included you can also purchase the ½ cu.ft. 50 pound pressure generator for the best of carving.

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  • 100% welded cabinet
  • True ergonomics design with padded armrest
  • No spill side access door with lockable door latch
  • Two section storage hopper with scalper screen
  • Quick dump slide gate drain
  • Patented abrasive separator reclaimer 80 to 240 mesh abrasive to clean the abrasive of dust, store for reuse or simply collect before it enters the dust collector
  • Dust collector 100% welded using certified cartridge filter with reverse pulse cleaning cycle
    • 700 cfm class III exhaust blower with silencer
    • 110 sq.ft. filter cartridge dust storage area
    • Hopper dust storage
  • All controls
    • Air regulator/filter and gauge with foot pedal
    • Cabinet lighting
    • Blow-off gun
    • 120 volt single phase machine operation
    • Two piece attached gloves, can be removed with pencil generator
  • Perforated steel work grating
  • Safety glass view window with window protector glass
  • Window sweeps
  • Safety door interlock


  • 0.5 Pressure Generator complete with:
    • 50 lb. ASME code pressure pot with service port
    • All control circuits for pot reload
    • Movable blast pedal
    • Abrasive loading hopper with negative pressure hose kit to cabinet
    • Micro hoses with boron carbide 3/32" nozzle
  • Wheel kit
  • Inline ambient air dryer
  • Static discharge kit

NOTE: Standard Features are included with every model. Available Options can be added at additional cost and may require custom machine work, which may increase machine delivery time.

Technical Information: MICROBLAST by CrystalBlast®
Machine Type: Cabinet complete with 100% welded negative pressure cartridge dust collector
Compressed Air Usage: 5 to 12cfm @ 50 psi
Suggested Air Compressor:

The MicroBlast has been designed for operation using 12 cfm or less, but many small piston type air compressors will work depending on the abrasive delivery system being used. Air compressors vary greatly, check the cfm output on the compressor being used or visit Air Basics for more information on compressor selection.
Pro Tip: Never buy a compressor using the displacement cfm number, always use the second cfm volume number listed with 90-100 psi inside the tank, because tank pressure reduces performance.

Recommended Abrasive Size: 80 to 220 mesh – can be abrasive type sensitive
Most Used Abrasive Type:

Aluminum Oxide & Silicon Carbide

WARNING: Abrasive Restrictions and Warning
Paint Specification: Environmentally friendly, high-grade polyurethane high gloss paint. Standard colors include MBA beige and high gloss light gray. Custom color matching is available using customer supplied color sample, please call 866-204-7068 for pricing.
MicroBlast 3624
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36" x 24" x 23"H
Door 18" x 17"H
39" x 40" x 78"H 110 sq.ft. cartridge
1/2 hp 550 cfm blower
100% welded cabinet
Hopper dust storage
50 micron separator
Reverse pulse cleaning
120V/60Hz/1Ph Wood crate
480 lbs