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Which Abrasive Delivery is Best for Dry Sandblasting Cabinets?

The best dry sandblasting cabinets are hard to list until you know what project, or application, you’re working on. Machines vary greatly, and the best sandblasting cabinets for blind-hole cleaning aren’t the same as the best cabinets for soda blasting. If you know which abrasive delivery is best for your application, and you know you’re in … Continue reading Which Abrasive Delivery is Best for Dry Sandblasting Cabinets?

Blast Cabinet Maintenance FB

Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained

The less you pay for a sandblasting cabinet the more blast cabinet maintenance it will require,and the more parts it will wear out.  This is because normally the more you pay for a machine the larger the dust collector and the better the machine parts are permitting higher daily usage with larger and faster gun … Continue reading Blast Cabinet Maintenance Explained

Dust Collector Maintenance

Dust Collector Maintenance

Most abrasive cabinet upkeep is related to the dust collector maintenance. The dust collector, a critical component of the machine, stores the dust and spent abrasive as well as the material being removed from the part. Purchasing a dust collector that cannot scale with the production model is one of the biggest pain points customers … Continue reading Dust Collector Maintenance

Air Compressor 101

Air Compressor 101: Everything You Need to Know

Buying an air compressor for a blasting cabinet can seem like a daunting task, we know. Media Blast manufactures the largest line of Wet Blasters, Dry Siphon, Gravity Feed and Direct Pressure models with categories for Light Duty, Automotive, Sandcarving and Industrial abrasive blasting. Depending on what model you purchase and where you’ll be operating it, there are … Continue reading Air Compressor 101: Everything You Need to Know

graph of blast cabinet noise

Addressing Blast Cabinet Noise Levels

Blast cabinet noise is one of the most common topics that prospective buyers ask bring up when considering one of our larger, industrial abrasive blast cabinets. The time to address a potential noise issue is undoubtedly before you buy a machine and not after. The issue of noise is fairly straightforward when you know where … Continue reading Addressing Blast Cabinet Noise Levels