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CrystalBlast Sandcarver Maintenance Explained

Sandcarver maintenance isn’t as straight forward as most people think. Everyone knows nozzles wear out and window protectors can become etched over time. This is why all of our CrystalBlast® models have nozzles, windows and hoses that are designed to be replaced without the need for special tools. The vast majority of sandcarver maintenance, roughly … Continue reading CrystalBlast Sandcarver Maintenance Explained

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How to Clean a Blasting Cabinet Dust Collector

We try to give general guidelines about when to clean a blasting cabinet dust collector in each machine’s user manual. Our official recommendation for any Media Blast® Industrial model is two, (2), to three, (3), minute cleaning cycles every two, (2), hours of machine operation. But the reality is that the cleaning and maintenance frequency … Continue reading How to Clean a Blasting Cabinet Dust Collector

Dust Collector Filter

Dust Collector Filter Maintenance

A dust collector filter is among the most important components for sandblasting cabinets. Machine footprint combined with Dust Storage Capacity is what created the need for dust collector advancements. Although we’ve made huge strides in innovation, dust collector filter maintenance is still an important factor. Types of Dust Collector Filters: 1st came the Positive Pressure Dust … Continue reading Dust Collector Filter Maintenance

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10 Common Dust Collector Maintenance Variables

Dust collector maintenance variables play a large role in how often you need to service your machine. Unfortunately, ongoing and preventative maintenance for blasting cabinet dust collectors is not a black and white issue. A fixed maintenance schedule won’t work for every machine and every application, but knowing how these ten variables affect dust collector … Continue reading 10 Common Dust Collector Maintenance Variables