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HydroSlurry Wet Blasting Cabinet

Meet the new HydroSlurry wet blasting cabinet by Media Blast. If you’re thinking about equipping your shop with an affordable wet slurry blaster cabinet then check out our new stainless steel HydroSlurry®. This vapor blasting model is available in three standard cabinet sizes plus the 2420 bench top model. Choose the cabinet size right for your … Continue reading HydroSlurry Wet Blasting Cabinet

new website launch

New Website Launch: MBA Automotive Blasting Cabinets

We’re proud to announce that our website showcasing Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. Automotive Blasting Cabinets is now live! The site features 10 machine models designed specifically for the automotive and recreational vehicle industry. Each sandblasting cabinet targets special needs like camouflaging and color matching repairs or low-flow abrasive controls for precision blasting. The machines … Continue reading New Website Launch: MBA Automotive Blasting Cabinets

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2017 Model & Feature Updates

Since the 1970s, Media Blast and Abrasive, Inc. has manufactured 100% American-made abrasive blast cabinets. Over the years, we’ve put together one of the largest, most complete lines of wet and dry blast cabinets offered for the fully equipped home shop through Industrial Production. To this day, we remain dedicated to supplying customers with superior … Continue reading 2017 Model & Feature Updates