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Sandblasting Valentine Gift Guide

Sandblasted Valentine Gift Guide

Branch out from conversation hearts and flowers with our sandblasted Valentine gift guide. Each of these unique ideas incorporates sandcarving, an easy way to personalize nearly any penetrable surface. Sandcarving, also known as sandblasting, is the process used to produce that effect. It is one of the simplest and most accessible methods for personalizing or … Continue reading Sandblasted Valentine Gift Guide

time to upgrade?

Knowing When to Upgrade a Sandblasting Cabinet

If you’re struggling to decide whether it’s time to upgrade a sandblasting cabinet we understand your dilemma. There are no-brainers like needing additional part processing capacity, meeting increased demand on existing machinery, and changes in applications. Unfortunately, there are less clear-cut situations where your current machine is falling short but you aren’t sure exactly what … Continue reading Knowing When to Upgrade a Sandblasting Cabinet

in-house sandblasting vs outsource sandblasting

In-House Sandblasting v. Outsourcing Sandblasting

We recently received an email from someone who wanted advice about sandblasting bicycle frames for profit. That might sound like an easy task, but deciding whether to process parts in-house or outsource sandblasting comes down to some very real factors. These five sandblasting considerations can help you to decide what’s the best choice for your … Continue reading In-House Sandblasting v. Outsourcing Sandblasting

Best Sandblast Cabinets, Best Media Blasters,

What Makes the Best Sandblasting Cabinets Great?

The best sandblasting cabinets are hard to list until you know what project, or application, you’re working on. Machines vary greatly, and the best sandblasting cabinets for blind-hole cleaning aren’t the same as the best cabinets for soda blasting. To answer the question of which machine is best, you first have to ask, “What am … Continue reading What Makes the Best Sandblasting Cabinets Great?

FAQs about wet blast cabinets

FAQs About Wet Blast Cabinets

Wet blast cabinets have been around for a very long time. Although dry blasting almost made wet cabinets obsolete, more and more applications today require wet blasting because it eliminates the frictional heat that can damage delicate parts and permits iron free blasting. A few wet blasting applications include critical plating and painting, chemically clean … Continue reading FAQs About Wet Blast Cabinets