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Choosing A Sandcarving Machine

Guest Blog post by IKONICS Imaging

 Choosing which sandcarving machine is best for your shop can feel overwhelming. To keep pace with the creativity and vision of the sandcarving industry, Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging have developed a full line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Machines, including low-cost entry-level Sandcarvers, fast-production equipment and highly sophisticated machines with special features and options. Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging offer a wide range of machines shaped and modified to meet the special needs of the Sandcarving Industry. Let us help you choose which one is best for you.

Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging

Selecting A Sandcarving Machine for Your Needs

Here is a checklist of items to consider when choosing which sandcarving machine is best for you:

  • What is your projected daily machine operation for the next three to five years?
  • What abrasive mesh size will create the sandcarving detail your work will require?
  • How much compressed air will you have? A standard 3/32” nozzle uses 5-6 cfm during the sandcarving process. Try to buy double the nozzle’s usage if you can.
  • What is the largest part size you plan to process?
  • What is the maximum weight of the parts you plan to process?
  • Where do you plan to place and operate the machine?
  • What is your budget range?

Entry-Level Sandcarving Machines

We offer two sandcarving machines that are perfect for hobbyists and low-production shops that want to offer sandcarving on a small scale. Our CrystalBlast Scout and CrystalBlast Pioneer have been built for simplicity and efficiency. Both are easy to clean and easy to operate, making them perfect for entry-level sandcarvers. Some shops also choose to add these to their shop as a low-cost back-up machine for busy production periods or to have a machine with a different abrasive size available.

Mid-Range Sandcarving Machines for All Applications

The CrystalBlast Pro, CrystalBlast Pro X2, and CrystalBlast Elite are the perfect professional-level sandcarvers to be used for all applications across a wide variety of industries. Built with an ergonomic design and Patented CleanFlo Technology, all three machines are designed to be a work-horse for your shop. No matter the size or specifications you are looking for in a sandcarving machine, you can’t go wrong with our mid-range Sandcarvers

Sandcarver for High Efficiency and High Production

Our CrystalBlast Summit was built for ultimate efficiency by eliminating the need to tape off your substrates. Simply hold your substrate outside the cabinet in the CleanFlo Tapeless port system and begin sandcarving. With interchangeable templates, the port system supports small and large blasting areas. With the largest viewing window in the industry and removable front panel, the Summit was designed to increase your productivity as well as your bottom line.

Sandcarving Machines for Large Projects

Whether you are in the Awards Industry, Sign Industry, Monument Industry or Architectural Industry, a large cabinet can increase your efficiency and production. The CrystalBlast 4828 is our largest in-stock sandcarver at 48″ wide. We also offer a large pass-through sandcarver, the CrystalBlast Navigator, which is 96″ wide and built-to-order. And if 96″ still isn’t big enough, check out our CrystalBlast Master which offers complete customization to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging

Sandcarving in the Monument Industry

The CrystalBlast MonuBlast Direct Pressure Machine has been designed specifically for production stone carving using direct pressure. Direct Pressure Machines have a more concentrated blasting pattern and higher frictional heat than siphon models. They can carve stone faster using a smaller abrasive pattern with less compressed air. This makes the CrystalBlast MonuBlast the perfect fit for the stone carving and monument industries.

Personalized Product Ideas for Sandcarving

The rising popularity of personalized products doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. IKONICS Imaging offers a variety of items that can be customized to create the perfect personalized gift. Here are some examples of products that are perfect for sandcarving that you can offer to your customers to capitalize on the personalization industry.

  • Stainless Steel Flasks – Customized flasks are great for weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day, and much more
  • Crystal Vases – Get beautiful depth and a smooth, even finish when sandcarving our line of high-quality crystal
  • Polar Camel Tumblers – Get depth and consistency when sandcarving powder-coated tumblers, which continue to rise in popularity
  • Leather Flasks – Sandcarving works great on leather to create a unique, customized gift.
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging
Image Credit: IKONICS Imaging

Worldwide Leader in Sandcarving Solutions

Still overwhelmed with all the choices available when trying to decide which sandcarving machine is best for your shop? IKONICS Imaging is the worldwide leader in sandcarving solutions. Contact the technical support team (https://ikonicsimaging.com/contact) today for more information on how to choose a sandcarving machine that is perfect for your shop.