Industrial Blast Cabinets

Industrial Blast Cabinets by Media Blast & Abrasive

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of Industrial blast cabinets is designed for production applications that require more than one hour of daily machine operation. We know time is money, and these are the fastest cleaning models, with the most available options and upgrades, using the correct gun size to meet production numbers.

This line of Industrial blast cabinets is one of our most comprehensive machine categories. It includes Wet, Siphon, Direct Pressure and Gravity Feed abrasive delivery. Additionally, special machines exist for Plastic Stripping, Soda Blasting and Shot Peening.

Several features set these sandblasters apart from our other cabinets. One in particular is our most advanced cartridge filtration and effortless pneumatic cleaning cycle assembly. This ensures longer duty cycle, a cleaner work area and longer blower service life.

ProTip: Beware of machines marketed as “heavy duty” as these often lack production-grade capabilities. It’s important to compare included and optional features to ensure you select the abrasive blasting cabinet matched to your application needs.

Media Blast & Abrasive Industrial Blast Cabinets

  1. N-200 Production Siphon– The N-200 is not a Toy Blasting Cabinet. It uses larger production gun  sizes to create higher frictional heat for faster part processing.
  2. N-200 GF Siphon– Another production unit that uses a pneumatic conveyor to lift and hold the abrasive above the work grate for the highest abrasive amounts delivered to the gun.
  3. N-200 Cyclone Production Siphon– The N-200 Cyclone uses a pneumatic conveyor to aerate and dry the abrasives keeping fine and ultra-fine abrasive flowing.  Siphon delivery can be the fastest surface cleaning abrasive delivery using its wide abrasive pattern.
  4. Power Peen Direct Pressure– The Power Peen indicates in its name it can be used with steel shot, steel grits and large heavy abrasives. Also great with glass beads, plastics and all cutting abrasives.  Best when used to clean blind holes or deep cavities.
  5. Power Strip Direct Pressure– When using finer abrasive and a pressure pot you want the pneumatic conveyor to aerate, dry and prevent pressure pot packing. Better abrasive flow when using finer than 180 mesh abrasive sizes.
  6. Blizzard– The ultimate soda blasting cabinet using GhostFlow Technology to reduce soda usage to a minimum. Pre-Collection of the used soda keep it out of the dust collector and greatly reduces dust collector maintenance.
  7. Hailstorm– The Hailstorm is a plastic stripping machine with all the items you need for using plastic. It means we do the work of adding all the options required so you get the right machine configuration the first time.

Each of the seven Industrial machines is offered in various cabinet sizes, allowing buyers to select the right sized cabinet for their space and application. Every cabinet is available with our patented internal separator and external separator reclaimer to ensure the most cost effective model selection.

To Sum It Up

Media Blast & Abrasive’s line of Industrial blast cabinets is built to handle the high-demand of production facilities. These are our fastest cleaning models, with the most available options and upgrades, using the correct gun size to meet production numbers. All are available with larger, free-standing, automatic cleaning dust collector. If you’re not sure whether you need an Industrial cabinet, check out our buying guide or give us a call – our goal is to help you buy the right machine the first time!