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Cobra Siphon

Cobra Siphon Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Cobra siphon abrasive cabinet was created for general repair shops, facility in-house maintenance and automotive repair. A small, compact machine, the Cobra is ideal for applications that require less than one hour of daily operation. If your project demands more continuous operation, what we call production quality, consider the N-200 Siphon cabinets available in thirteen cabinet … Continue reading Cobra Siphon Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

Ikonics Imaging - sunshine & sandcarving

Sunshine & Sandcarving

IKONICS Imaging had a blast during the Sandcarving Seminar in sunny California at Media Blast & Abrasive! Wes Barton and Darin Jones with IKONICS Imaging taught a one-and-a-half day, professional-level sandcarving seminar. Wes and Darin covered topics from basic artwork tips and demoing different types of photoresist films to sandcarving techniques and CrystalBlast machine basics.  … Continue reading Sunshine & Sandcarving