dust collector

Our Dust Collector Cleans Up Against Shop Vacuums

Customers ask us far too often why they should buy a vacuum dust collector from us rather than a shop vacuum from their local hardware store. Even though they aren’t drastically different in price, Media Blast’s vacuum dust collectors make a huge difference in machine function and how clean your workspace is when operating a smaller machine for smaller hand held parts.

Most shop vacuums offer space inside for lots of paper, sticks, sawdust and other large trash, but they come with a small filter surface area for the collection of dust. Obviously that’s not ideal for a blasting cabinet, and our VAC-110 line of vacuum dust collectors is designed with 110 sq.ft. of MERV tested and certified cartridge filtration to ensure a clean working environment.

Both models include 100% welded CRS cabinet construction, a two stage vacuum blower moving over 100 cfm of air volume per minute, lifting handles, vacuum connection hose and a built-in silencer.

The higher-end model, the VAC-110 Deluxe dust collector, adds in a manually operated filter cleaning outside rapper assembly and a sliding dust removal drawer to allow cleaning without removing anything but the dust drawer.

True, these dust collector units don’t cost much more than a plastic shop vacuum, but they manage loads more dust and have a storage capacity enabling longer machine operation. Lots of room for dust storage, less room for floor sweepings!

dust collector