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Power Peen Machine Spotlight

Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Power Peen abrasive blast cabinet is a Direct Pressure machine designed for Production applications, which classify as planned machine operation of one or more hours daily. It is designed to use heavy blasting media to achieve the high frictional heat required in through-hole part blasting and blind-hole cleaning. The Power Peen model requires 25 to 80cfm … Continue reading Power Peen Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

loose abrasive media

Abrasive Media for Sandblasting

Siphon abrasive blasting cabinets and direct pressure abrasive blasting cabinets  allow operators to recycle abrasive media for reuse. There are many types of abrasive media, each with its own lifespan. Some abrasive media, like soda, cannot be recycled without a low blasting pressure and GhostFlow™ technology which results in clean parts, cabinet visibility and a functional dust collector.  … Continue reading Abrasive Media for Sandblasting