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time to upgrade

Upgrading Your Abrasive Cabinet

Smart abrasive cabinet maintenance requires knowing when to replace or upgrade your machine. Most people assume this means planned decommissioning due to wear and tear, but it also includes abrasive cabinet upgrade due to increased production needs or new applications. If the right machine was purchased the first time, increased output can mean changing the … Continue reading Upgrading Your Abrasive Cabinet


Blizzard Soda Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight

The Blizzard abrasive cabinet is specifically designed to operate with single-use soda abrasive, also known as bicarbonate, and single-use wheat start abrasives. Media Blast makes all its machines with 100% welded 12- and 14-gauge cold rolled steel to minimize spent abrasive in the workspace. The patented used soda pre-separator system design collects the used soda … Continue reading Blizzard Soda Abrasive Cabinet Spotlight