Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector FB

What is a Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector?

A Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector  is the granddaddy of dust collectors. This free-standing dust collector is used for extended blasting operations, multiple guns, or multiple machine operation and or multiple daily shifts. Under these conditions, the reduced maintenance and increased daily operation provided by these dust collectors result in a big boost in production … Continue reading What is a Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector?

Machine Spotlight - CrystalBlast Pro

CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Pro is one of the leading sandcarving machines on the market. It comes standard with all of the features necessary for professional-level sandcarving, what is called “Value for Dollar Spent”. Among these standard features are 100% welded cabinet and 90 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector, ergonomically correct design, 50-pound pressure pot with access port, … Continue reading CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

Ikonics Imaging guest blog

Choosing A Sandcarving Machine

Guest Blog post by IKONICS Imaging  Choosing which sandcarving machine is best for your shop can feel overwhelming. To keep pace with the creativity and vision of the sandcarving industry, Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging have developed a full line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Machines, including low-cost entry-level Sandcarvers, fast-production equipment and highly sophisticated machines with … Continue reading Choosing A Sandcarving Machine