Machine Spotlight - CrystalBlast Pro

CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

The CrystalBlast® Pro is one of the leading sandcarving machines on the market. It comes standard with all of the features necessary for professional-level sandcarving, what is called “Value for Dollar Spent”. Among these standard features are 100% welded cabinet and 90 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector, ergonomically correct design, 50-pound pressure pot with access port, … Continue reading CrystalBlast Pro Machine Spotlight

Ikonics Imaging guest blog

Choosing A Sandcarving Machine

Guest Blog post by IKONICS Imaging  Choosing which sandcarving machine is best for your shop can feel overwhelming. To keep pace with the creativity and vision of the sandcarving industry, Media Blast® and IKONICS Imaging have developed a full line of CrystalBlast Sandcarving Machines, including low-cost entry-level Sandcarvers, fast-production equipment and highly sophisticated machines with … Continue reading Choosing A Sandcarving Machine

tools symbol for cleaning a blasting cabinet dust collector

How to Clean a Blasting Cabinet Dust Collector

We try to give general guidelines about when to clean a blasting cabinet dust collector in each machine’s user manual. Our official recommendation for any Media Blast® Industrial model is two, (2), to three, (3), minute cleaning cycles every two, (2), hours of machine operation. But the reality is that the cleaning and maintenance frequency … Continue reading How to Clean a Blasting Cabinet Dust Collector

sandblasting - what you get with an inexpensive blast cabinet

What You Get with an Inexpensive Blast Cabinet

It’s a common misconception that it doesn’t take a lot to make an inexpensive blast cabinet – an enclosure with glove ports, a view window, abrasive storage hopper, lighting, and a vacuum dust collector. While this is technically true, most of the time low-cost cabinets contribute to the incorrect belief that all abrasive blasting cabinets … Continue reading What You Get with an Inexpensive Blast Cabinet

best home garage mediablasters

Best Home Garage Automotive Blasting Cabinets

At Media Blast & Abrasive, we have a long history of manufacturing high-quality automotive blast cabinets. The restoration automotive market includes boats, motorcycles, quads and anything else that moves. In addition to machines designed for professional auto shops, we offer a complete line of machines specifically designed to meet the unique needs of home hobbyists, … Continue reading Best Home Garage Automotive Blasting Cabinets