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Blast Cabinet Categories

At Media Blast & Abrasive, Inc. we make finding the right machine for any application easier by grouping our sandblasting equipment into eleven categories.

It is important to know some categories may only have one machine model available in a variety of cabinet sizes, such as Wet Blasters. Others, like the Industrial Blasters, may have many different models of siphon, gravity feed and direct pressure blasters, all of which are able to accommodate rapid, industrial cleaning applications when time is money.

Our vast expertise has been developed over nearly forty years of manufacturing abrasive sandblasting equipment. If you aren’t sure which category fits your application, give us a call at 866.204.7068. Our goal is to help you purchase the right machine the first time!

Wet Vapor Blasting Cabinets

wet blasting cabinets
The first blasting cabinets were manufactured to use wet media, and when dry cabinets entered the market, they almost totally replaced ...

Light Duty Blast Cabinets

light duty blast cabinets
Often used for small shop use or off time passions, Light Duty Blast Cabinets can operate using air compressors running on 220-volt ...

R&D General Purpose Blasting Cabinets

R&D blasting cabinets
RD General Purpose Blasting Cabinets are designed to accommodate applications that require a large, 100% welded cabinet with a smaller ...

Micro Industrial Sandblasters

micro industrial sandblasters
Media Blast created the micro industrial line of siphon and direct pressure models specifically for proper control and flow of smaller ...

Sandcarving Blast Cabinets

Over a decade ago, Media Blast introduced the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving and film washout machinery, which raised the bar on ...

Automotive Sandblasting Cabinets

automotive sandblasting cabinet
The Automotive Industry uses a combination of almost all blast cabinet categories. Through the years we found home shops, commercial ...

Industrial Sandblast Cabinets

industrial sandblast cabinet
This category of industrial sandblasting equipment contains one of the most comprehensive groupings of machines. All abrasive delivery ...

Tumble Barrel & Basket Blasters

tumble barrel and basket blasters
Tumble barrel and basket blasters allow the blasting of several parts at one time. Two types of machines exist, and the fastest ...

Dust Collectors and Blast Cabinet Parts

dust collectors
Media Blast offers many dust collectors in a range of sizes to accommodate the 170 different machine models. Most vacuum dust ...

Pollution Control Benches

pollution control benches
The Tornado line of Pollution Control Down-Draft Work Benches and Stations is a very efficient machine for the collection of nuisance ...

Specials & Semi-Automated Blasters

semi-automatic blasters
If you're looking for Automation, Special Cabinet Layouts and One-Of-A-Kind blasting machines you've found the right place. These ...